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    Please note: additional fees may occur in the “Other” selections of Trees.

    Other Trees     Size   Qty

    Other Trees     Size   Qty

    Other Trees     Size   Qty

    Other Trees     Size   Qty

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    Yellow Bells   Size   Qty

    Please note: additional fees may occur in the “Other” selections of Plants.

    Other Plants     Size   Qty

    Other Plants     Size   Qty

    Other Plants     Size   Qty

    Other Plants     Size   Qty

    Curbing 4" x 6" -     Style


    Curbing 4" x 6" -     Color

    Oatmeal BuffGolden BeigeSun BronzeCocoa Milk

    Please note: there will be an additional $0.10 cent per square foot charge
    for Winter overseeded sod/grass.

    Grass   Mid Iron (EZ Turf)Tifway

    Rock   |   Size   |   Qty   | Colors  Size   Qty   Color

    Granite  Color

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    All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delay beyond the control of Borders & Beyond Landscaping. Contractor reserves the right to furnish substitute plants of equal or greater value in cases where designated plants are not available.

    Plants from our Landscape Order Form have a 90 day replacement guarantee provided that an automatic irrigation system is installed. Plants not listed but chosen by customer may not be under warranty. Warranty replacements will not be performed until contract has been paid in full.

    Water systems have a one (1) year parts guarantee, provided however, the contractor’s sole responsibility shall be replacement or repair and in no event shall contractor be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

    EXCEPTION TO GUARANTEE: A. Acts of nature; B. Damage incurred by humans, pests or animals; C. Water and/or electrical source terminated by acts other than contractor; D. Improper maintenance and/or watering schedule.

    Contractor makes no warranty express or implied, unless specifically stated in the contract.

    Effective immediately: there will be a 3% charge for credit card payments.